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Here are South Africa's famous cartoonists and illustrators like Zapiro and Rico of Madam and Eve fame. Other well-known South African editorial cartoonists like Dr Jack, Tony Grogan, Mynderd Vosloo, Colin Daniel and Dav Andrews are featured here. Have a look at their galleries, and contact us to get your original artwork designed by them!

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Richo Schacherl

Richo Schacherl

Born in Austria in 1966, couldn’t stand the weather so decided to emigrate to South Africa in 1968 bringing his parents along with him. 

After less than successful stints at studying architecture and graphic design, decided to do this cartoonist thing  and got hired to work for Laughing Stock magazine in 1989, where he met Stephen Francis with whom he later co-created the Madam & Eve cartoon strip in 1992, which was eventually syndicated all over South Africa and also re-published in France, Denmark and Sweden -- while also working as editorial illustrator for the Weekly Mail until 1994. 

While keeping a regular supply of daily cartoons going, has also worked on a wide variety of illustration and cartoon projects with clients ranging from editorial, corporate communication, education, magazines, publishing, comics and advertising.  Recent very happy clients include GQ South Africa, First Rand Banking Group, Pick ‘n Pay, Department of Science and Technology, SABC, Telkom and Old Mutual. 

Has also had several stories published by US comics anthology Graphic Classics and taken part and exhibited at the Angouleme Festival and the Recontre Internationale Du Dessin De Presse, both in France, and has taken part in many local exhibitions.

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